Wednesday, August 13, 2008

michael phelps. and his i-pod.

This post is being spun off a web site I read earlier regarding what Michael Phelps listens to on his i-Pod before a race.

Ahh, the games of the 29th (XXIX) Olympiad. Nothing quite like the summer Olympics to remind you of your childhood and all of your ill-fated dreams that have somehow fallen to the way-side and left you sitting at a desk all day. It's my understanding that the majority of most normal humans dream (or dreamt) of one day being an Olympic athlete. I am no different.

As a child, I roller-skated around my kitchen in my white and pink patent leather skates screaming, "I'm Kristi Yamaguchi!" By the time I outgrew my skates, I realized I was pretty far off from being Kristi Yamaguchi and it's only after watching hours upon hours of Olympic coverage that I realize just how far off from Yamaguchi I was, or am. Pretty dang far.

After watching the Atlanta games in 1996 and seeing mountain biking as an Olympic sport, I promptly made a trail in my yard and subsequently dominated it in no less than a week-- about the same time I realized I was not going to be an Olympic mountain biker. I still have a scar on my leg from a wreck I had winning that gold medal though. So, don't think I walked away empty handed.

All of that to say, watching Michael Phelps, who is but a few months my junior, makes me feel completely inadequate and unaccomplished, which I am, but I do not like to be reminded of it. What did Phelps do in his childhood that I didn't? We clearly had the same dreams and aspirations in our youth, but what has spurred him on in his quest to become the greatest Olympian of all-time?

Maybe it's what he listens to before he swims. In high school, I listened to Neil Diamond, Lee Greenwood and a very cheesy version of "Shout to the Lord," on repeat before soccer and basketball games. I realize now what a detrimental mistake that was.

Had I only listened to something more motivating maybe I'd be in Beijing winning gold medals for America.

My pump me up playlist now includes: Simply Red with their hit, Would I Lie To You, Gloria Estefan's Everlasting Love and The Pussycat Dolls' When I Grow Up.

See you at the London games in 2012.

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Laura said...

i had a life-size kristi yamagushi poster hanging in my bedroom for a good ten years.

and sadly, the sport i wanted to be an olympian in, was softball.

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