Thursday, April 17, 2008

i've come a long way.

I distinctly remember the time in my life when I realized that I did not want to be the kid in school who smelled bad or wore the same clothes everyday. I remember I was wearing my favorite outfit--yellow shorts with a matching top that had a zoo scene on it. I was on the playground and I remember thinking, "Did I wear this last week? I wonder if any of the other kids realize that I did? Do they think I am poor?"

Clearly, I wanted to make the other kids know that I was far from poor and in fact, incredibly put together, so on the day that my picture would be taken and posted in the middle of the library for all to see, I put together this ensemble-- hot pink wind suit pants, white turtle neck and white velcro high-tops.

The book I am holding was a book that I convinced my father to buy and donate to the Center Valley Elementary School library. All the rich kids were doing it.


Angela said...

Apparently I'm into comments these days.

Wearing the same outfit even upwards of 5 times in one week is not all that uncommon for me. I'm ok with it. Do you think I am poor? Oh well. Hmmm and now that I think about it approximately 50% of my groceries are the generic brand. I guess I am poor.

Angela said...

and p.s. those high tops are hot.

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