Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bachelor: episode 5

This was by far the most shocking, confrontational episode yet. If you don't count any of the other episodes you've seen this season.

Let's start with the claim, "the most shocking confrontation in Bachelor history." Yes, there was yelling. Yes, there were accusations. Yes, Marshashanananana is a bit over-the-top, but, no this was not the most shocking confrontation in Bachelor history. I have seen sixth grade fights more confrontational than this fight. Marshashanananana was pretty money though with all of her claims about, "playing rugby for this man" and, "getting in a pool for this man." I mean, what if they would've asked her to actually do something hard like, bake from scratch or not speak highly of yourself or wear clothes from Ross Dress for Less. I think if Bachelorettes are going to start keeping score like this then the Bach should too. They could have a Geography Bee or an obstacle course.

Chelsea said she didn't like PDA and ole Matty poo seemed pretty upset, so then Chelsea basically wrote him a note inviting herself over for some one-on-one sex. That is classy. And clearly the way to his heart because she got a rose and the almost English Robin didn't. Matt totally told Robin that he didn't need to have a one-on-one date with her because he already knew she awesome, or lack thereof. Good play, Matt.

Shayne is ridic. She clearly wanted attention by bringing make-up with her on the ski slopes. And once again, I am willing to bet my first born child that Matt only chose her so he could meet the Renegade-- Lorenzo Lamas. I cannot blame him for that.

To me the word brilliant is not one to just throw around casually. Webster's says: having or showing great intelligence, talent, quality, etc... Matt freaking uses this word to describe everything. I don't care where he is from it means the same thing. He is completely using it out of context which is leading me to believe that he is not brilliant.

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Angela said...

LC there are no words. Your recaps are, well, brilliant.

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