Thursday, March 6, 2008

confessions part three (ange)

I secretly enjoy any excuse to open the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Every time those doors open and I’m flooded with the smell of miscellaneous cleaners… my heart smiles.

I have at least one bright pink sock underneath the couch. It’s been there about two weeks (maybe more) but I know if I ever pick it up it will be covered with dust… and I just don’t feel like dealing with that. So I choose to leave it there.

I hate it when people compare Baylor to SMU or SMU to Vanderbilt. The three are distinctively different and should not be considered “similar”. I did not go to any of the three so it probably shouldn’t bother me. But it does.

Your feet gross me out. All feet do (unless you are under 18 months of age). I don’t care what you say or how pretty you think your feet are… they are gross. End of discussion.

I used a fake ID in college... a lot. I was 17 and I just wanted to be able to go into bars. How was I going to make friends if I couldn’t even go out?

I hid the makeout lists. Because mine is too humiliating.

I don’t think dog fighting should be illegal. Unethical? Maybe. And don’t give me the argument about it being “inhumane.” Dogs are not human.

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