Tuesday, February 5, 2008

just a regular saturday night.

It was a sleepy saturday night here in dallas this past weekend. LC, Morgan, Cari and I were just hittin up the usual (dinner at Chuy's -- which, maybe deserves its own blog sometime as to the reasons we frequent that place so much).

As we finished dinner, we discussed where we should go from there. The mardis gras festivities as Victory Park with lots of Cash McDougalsons? A movie at Northpark with all the a bunch of pre-teen parkies? Another night on the couch watching another television series on DVD? None of these options were appealing.

And then... lightbulb! Lets drive all the way around Beltline! That's right, Beltline Road. The one you see in DeSoto, Addison, Grand Prairie, and Mesquite. "The Line," we would affectionately come to call it. We couldn't wait to see if it all really connected, how long it would take to drive, and where it would take us. The oddity that all four of us had always wanted to drive around it was kind of scary.

So, that's what we did Saturday Night. Normal, right?

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Morgan said...

to answer your questions...
it DOES all connect...a few name changes & tricky curves, but it still connects.
it took 2 hrs and 49 minutes.

and where did it take us...it took us to having one thing checked off my list of things to do before i die.

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