Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Congrats! Atta girl! Enhorabuena! Congratulazioni! Écouter! Félicitations! Glückwünsche! Gelukwensen! Ouça! 祝贺! Поздравления!

Why all the congrats? LC got a fancy promotion today! Her official new title is “Director of Business Development.” Talk about big time. LC’s perseverance through all of her “job funnies” is finally paying off. I couldn’t be there tonight to attend the celebratory dinner at Campisi’s, so I wanted to commemorate the day by sealing it in a play where it will remain forever: blogosphere.

So next time you see LC, give her a well deserved congrats. Or a pat on the back. Or a hug. Or a kiss.*

*This statement is directed toward men only. LC could really use one… a man and a kiss.

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