Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year.

I'm going to be legit with it for a second: new year's resolutions are for the birds. And while we're on that topic, someone please explain to me what that phrase means. I do not think birds make new year's resolutions either. Therefore, new year's resolutions are for no one? Glad that is cleared up.

In the spirit of things and in no particular order...

-- I resolve to blog more often and more efficiently. I want to be swift with each keystroke and I want every blog I write to really touch someone, you know make a difference in someone's life.

-- I want to produce a rap album in the new year that is before us. I have some phat beatz.

-- I resolve to do something for somebody else. Ie; blog more efficiently.

-- I resolve to try and take my shoes off upstairs, instead of downstairs under the dining room table.

-- I want to really follow my dream of being a professional tennis player.

-- I resolve to care more about what I look like and how I dress. I am taking this one extra serious. Watch out world!

-- I resolve to be bold with everyone, like Paul. I want to be bold for the Gospel, while dressing fabulously.

-- And lastly, I want to buy all US Americans maps for the Iraqis and South Africans.

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