Saturday, October 6, 2007


12. She makes the best burned CDs. I think this is true. I can't say I've ever met anyone who could mix a CD like me.
11. When she drinks too much she can't feel her face. This is true. Luckily, it doesn't happen often.
10. She's effing hot. Obviously. I have no comment on this, but I did get some new eye shadow.
9. She knows who Franklin Pierce is. And when he was born. And when he died. And most of the details of his presidency. I adore Franklin. I don't think he was an awesome president, but he wasn't ugly. And it's important to know history. Plus, I like history. And I really like knowing stuff that other people don't.
8. She writes excellent hand-written notes. I have very nice penmanship.
7. She appreciates rap music. I appreciate a nice beat and a person's ability to rhyme. And I love to shake that azz.
6. She has great hair. I take care of it. I use proper products. I like my hair.

5. She can get away with wearing vans and polos all the time. I can work that.
4. She loves people so well. Except the ones I don't like.
3. She's funny. Like, real funny. Funnier than most. I took some classes as a child.
2. She chronicles the lives of her friends via facebook albums more efficiently than anyone we know. I know people who are better.
1. Her friendship just makes our lives better, richer, and fuller. We love her!!! Ditto Cowling. As in, my friends make my life better, richer and fuller.

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