Tuesday, August 28, 2012

school days.

In a weird twist of fate I've managed to be out of high school for 10 years. I've been out of college for 6 years. So, if you do the math, I haven't had any formal education in quite a few semesters.

But, alas school goes on without me and according to my Facebook Newsfeed every single person I know has a child going back to school this week or is a teacher going back to school. I guess as long as the teachers don't start posting their feeding and sleeping schedules we'll all be all right.

To honor the long line of teachers I come from (seriously, a shit ton of people in my family have been teachers) here are some back-to-school photos compliments of lc of lcblogs.com.


The Brosef got super sassy with his pose. Or. He was just showing off his really impressive dinosaur backpack. Knowing my brother it could go either way. He's very sassy and very showy. Honestly, it's likely that he was being sassy AND showing off the impressive dinosaur backpack that was probably special ordered from the back of a Highlights Magazine. He was in 3rd grade. 

When you look at the casual-cool I am exuding in this photo you would have no idea I was about to enter into my FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER. I was too cool to even look at the camera, but I knew my mom wanted a smile, so I looked off to the side just a smidge and gave her one. The hands in the pockets? Clearly, I'm saying, "Screw you, kindergarten!" The bag on one shoulder? It's like I had done it all before. There's not a hint of nervousness in me, save my left foot. The slight flex of the left foot is happening to let people know, "Hey, I'm 5. Stay cool."

I have to assume I picked out my own outfit. I wanted to portray casualness, but also that an effort was made and that I was very serious about my education. If you look at my brother's outfit you can tell he was not thinking the same thing. The suspenders and loafers really put this outfit over the top. 

God love my mother for trying her damndest with me and my wardrobe growing up. 


It was at this point that I decided to just be serious about my education and to not worry at all about my attire. The floral print shirt was chosen to let everyone know that I was thinking about becoming a Democrat and the plaid messenger bag was foreshadowing to my dreams of becoming an elitist East Coast academic. 

I also wanted all the boyZ in my 3rd grade class to know that I was a lady and I was going to dress like one. The 13-inch inseam in my shorts was the perfect way to get that point across. I rarely advertise what isn't on the menu. 

The outfit was completed by matching my brown socks perfectly to my brown bow. 

I was going into the school year with a broken arm, but my still tan skin was there to let everyone know that I still swim with a broken arm, so "BACK THE F UP, 3rd GRADE."

My brosef is pictured in what would become his uniform for life: a polo shirt and khaki shorts. He opted not to smile because he was a 6th grade boy. 

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