Monday, October 3, 2011

dream world.

I've never really been one that's interested (on any level) in mythical creatures, people, places or things. So, I've never been interested in mythical nouns, I guess. I gave up on Santa at the age of six and I have never seen "Star Wars," "Lord of the Rings," or "Harry Potter." This is my burden to bear.

Some people see this as a lack of imagination or creativity on my part and that's great, I just consider myself a real realist. Anyway. I digress.

Lately, I've been throwing the phrase "dream world" around a lot. I've never been much of a daydreamer, but lately it seems like all I do.

Let's break it down.

In my dream world, Obama isn't running this country like my junior high student council ran ole Gardner Junior High. There's a small part of me that like feels I'm doing a disservice to my junior high student council by comparing them to Obama's administration. But, it's all I could think of. In that same dream world though, people are not running around screaming, "You can keep your hope and change!" anymore either. I mean, things are bad, but are they really so bad that we don't want to even hope? If we're still cruising along in this alternate reality, Ron Paul isn't crazy and he doesn't want to completely disband the entire government. He also doesn't say crazy shit and he gets some more media play and ends up being somebody's secretary of something or other. Not sure he's the president in my dream world, but the man's not entirely off-base in his beliefs. I said not entirely, meaning, he's about 90% off-base, 5% on target and 5% terrifying.

Also in my dream world: the Kardashians work for a living, Mindy Kaling calls me for advice, the Arkansas Razorbacks have an offensive line and a running game again, Dallas is closer to Arkansas (but, still just as far, when I need it to be), every Friday is a half-day, stupid people don't have children (or cars, for that matter), pizza is free and my friends always carry cash.

All God's people said "amen."


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