Friday, November 19, 2010

thankful: dallas.

Years ago when the parental unit packed me up and moved me to Dallas I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. I knew I already had a pretty good friend-base in place, but without a job and very little to my name, I signed a short lease and always kind of saw myself in Dallas on a "trial" basis. Over four years later I still think I'll end up somewhere else and I always seem to be focused on the "have-nots" rather than the "haves" and therein lies my problem. It's a problem when someone chooses, continually, to not celebrate how fortunate they are.

I feel like I owe Dallas an apology. I want to kiss Dallas and give it a fruit basket for Thanksgiving, because really, truly, Dallas ain't been that bad.

So, in no particular order (with the major likelihood that I will leave something or someone off) here are all the things I'm thankful for (Dallas-wise):

  • The music scene. I like concerts and I've seen some good ones lately.
  • Southwest Airlines and their direct flights, everyday to Little Rock.
  • My friends: I'm so fortunate to have people here that love me and love me well.
  • The food. It's better here than most places I go. The grocery stores are better, too.
  • It's not Houston. Or Lubbock.
  • My job. They pay me and a lot of days I enjoy it.
  • The shopping is decent. You wouldn't know it by looking at my wardrobe though.
  • No state income tax.
  • Not a swing state, but still a player on the national political scene.
So, yeah, it's not so bad being here. Maybe I miss my family and 24/7 talk of the Arkansas Razorbacks, not to mention the local news here is nothing compared to Little Rock, but...I like it here. Maybe, I'll finally unpack my office supplies.

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