Friday, February 19, 2010

21st olympiad. volume one.

So much to say, so much to say...

Clearly, we have to start with Johnny Weir, the bad "boy" of American figure skating. This "guy" is the Lady Gaga of the Olympics. It's very difficult to find the words to accurately describe how I feel about him. Mainly, I'm confused, bothered and intrigued by him. Confused and bothered because he seems to be pretty talented and dedicated to his sport, but he puts way more effort into "shock and awe-ing" everyone around him than just skating. Also, why the hell is he so obsessed with Russia? I'm completely pro-America at all times. No matter what Congress is doing, no matter who the POTUS is, no matter how many times my taxes are raised...I'm for America. All the time. But, this guy? This guy, of all the other countries in the world, chooses one of the most oppressive, bleak and dreary places ever. WTF, Johnny Gaga, WTF? Russia? I mean, if you're choosing a communist country at least pick Cuba or something-- they have beaches and good cigars. Maybe even go with China, they are at least competitive in Olympic sports AND they pretty much own America anyway. But, Russia? Russia? Get serious, John. Get freakin' serious.

For some reason sports, puppies and old people really bring out my emotions. Throw in some American pride and sports and I'm on overload. I seriously teared up during several medal ceremonies and I seriously get so overwhelmed during races that I have to look up the results beforehand so I can handle watching the actual races. Anyway, all of that went out the window when Julia Mancuso (two silver medals in alpine skiing) threw on a tiara the other night after she finished the downhill. To top things off, she wore it on the podium. Why? Why would you do that? Who told her that was alright?

Can you imagine working your whole life for something and then six seconds into it you just kind of veer right and fall over? Just terrible.

I could talk about Shaun White, but what is left to say?

Go America, go Eagles!

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