Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dear facebook.

Dear Facebook,

For many years now you have been like a friend to me: an almost constant source of entertainment, a wealth of information. Not to mention the fact that no one loves to shamelessly promote themselves more than I and you provide an avenue in which to do that. Really and truly, the day you decided your users could upload photos onto your site was life-changing for me. Can't sleep at night? Check out some friend of a friend's mother's photos from high school on FB. Feeling lousy about your weekend? Check out a random classmate from elementary school's Christmas decor photos: instant cheering up.

My point is this: FB, you've been good to me. But, I'm kind of fed up with you. You're losing credibility. I've felt like this for a while now. I hate that people think they know what is happening in my life by looking at my Facebook. Maybe they know I went to a Christmas party, but do they know what I had for dinner last night? No.

And the day you, Facebook, started "suggesting" people I should befriend or "connect" with was the day I threw my arms up in surrender. Where does it end, Facebook? Where does it end? I mean, do your homework. You're suggesting that I "reconnect" with people I never connected with in the first place. Where do you get off "suggesting" that I share the news with a girl I sat next to in 8th grade science class and haven't seen since a football game in 11th grade? That's not your place, Facebook. You are not here to "suggest" anything to me.

I hope that you won't find this letter offensive or cruel. If we're good enough friends for you to coerce me into writing something on the girl's wall who one time asked me for notes sophomore year in college then we're good enough friends to share our feelings or "suggestions."

I hope you understand.

I wish I knew how to quit you,

A few years ago one of my very closest friends in the world died and while I would love to "catch up" with her, I don't think sending her a message over FB is the way to do it. It's a nice gesture though.

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Juliana said...

I really loved this post, and just found your blog. I am fed up with facebook to. It is a social networking site, yet I can never figure out what is going on with anyone because they are playing on some farm and shooting people in mafia wars. I have had that SAME thing happened...please talk to ____you have not talked talk to them in awhile--um that is because they died you moron. Augh

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