Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the best of times.

A brief look into the greatest blogship that ever was...

This was like, the first week we were friends. Britt already had me out and about and trying new and different things. Pictured here: Britt trying to get me cancer.

Britt has always been into different cultures. This is us celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Britt is one of a few who actually support my plaid Vans. As a return gesture, I bought her some Cons.

Britt threw me a theme birthday party for my 24th.

We buy really ugly sunglasses. Together.

Britt runs in a lot of races, so I try to show up and yell at her while she is running.

Britt embraced my love of history and the US Presidents when she took me in. Here, we are pictured with that horse's ass, Andrew Jackson.

We missed out on a lot of years of friendship. So...we take photos like we're in junior high.

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