Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What did Teddy Roosevelt do for you?

Lately, I've become very intrigued with the life of one, Theodore Roosevelt. To us, he's Teddy, to his close friends he was simply T.R. or Theodore. Very interesting that all of the world called this man by a nickname, but those closest to him called him by his formal name.

Why the crap is Teddy Roosevelt on Mount Rushmore with the likes of some the greatest Americans to ever live? Does Ted really live up to the likes of GDub, Teej and Abes? Does he? Good question. I don't really think so. But, then again I think Franklin Pierce is fascinating.

Ted was one of the very first environmentalists, today his equal would be someone like Al Gore. Strike one against being on Rushmore. But, actually not. He set aside almost 190 million acres for natural forests, wildlife refuges and the like. Good ideas, but was that act up with freeing the slaves? Oh, he also created a national bird preserve. What the heck even is that?

T.R. was the first American to win the Nobel Prize. I say it would've happened sooner or later. Still not up to par with Teej.

I will say his foreign policy was impressive. It was under his watch that we became a global power. Way to go, T.R. But, you're no GDub.

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