Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today is monumental for the Cowling family.

Today, the Cowling family became luxurious.
Today, the sofa named after my family and FOR my family debuted online at, a division of Neiman Marcus.

Us Cowling folk are simple folk. Hailing from England and Southwest Arkansas, we eventually spread out across the United States to live out our dreams as individuals, but today a collective dream was realized: we are classy and elegant people with a couch you'd never find in any of our homes named after us.

I know what you're thinking. How? Why? The answer is simple: because. Why not? Why the hell not? When I think of all the amazing contributions my family has made to society I wonder why we don't have a whole living room set named after us and then I remind myself of our humble beginnings and how my grandfather would have never wanted any of this. No, not us, we're simple and humble. We don't need accolades.

The Cowling family just broke out of its shell.
No longer will we be kept silent. No longer will you think of Dillard's and Wal-Mart when you think of us.

Today we ride the broken back of humility all the way to the damn bank!

SHOUT OUT, Nina Sayadian, for making this dream a reality.


Lauren Lashlee said...

I'd put that in my house.

Sara said...

I'm just glad we are finally getting the recognition that we deserve.

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