Monday, August 22, 2011


Time flies when you're growing up.

Ten years ago today-ish I started my senior year of high school.

Since then, I quit illegally downloading music and I got my braces off. I also rescued some dogs off the side of the road only to have them die on me a week later. I moved. I moved again. And then I moved about 11 times after that.

I haven't brushed anyone's hair with a random brush I found in the locker room in years and I haven't been to the principal's office since my last visit in 2001.

I still like pizza, so really-- very little has changed.


Kristin said...

The things change, the more things stay the same.... That's what they always say in show business. Great post!

MaMa D said...

Saw the paper on your bedroom door at home accusing you of forgery to get out of school...hmnn.

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