Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I don't want to make assumptions here (because we'll both end up an asshole), but isn't it safe to assume that the majority of people go through life trying to be a better person with each passing day? Most people are always looking to improve their current situation, right?

This is very true for me. I always want to be better, always want to be growing. I'm just really into general, overall improvement. 

Enter my problem.

I'm quickly approaching 30 years of age and evaluating my past years with a certain amount of scrutiny. Upon evaluation I'm starting to notice that I've either devolved as a human OR haven't changed a single fraction. 

"Is this possible," I've asked myself lately over a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Is it really possible to work at being a better version of your 6th grade self, yet you're still sitting somewhere with your hair in half of a ponytail eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes with your legs covered in bruises? Just like you were 16 years ago?

Let's evaluate. 

 (L) 29 (R) 6
Loafers with shorts, awkward pose, clearly no idea what to do with my hands. 
Conclusion: No clear change

  (L) 13 (R) 29
Way too excited about books no one my age should be excited about. Seriously, what 13-year-old is SO interested in Anne Frank that she asks for more than one book about her for their birthday? Not pictured, is another book my grandmother got me about her for this birthday, as well. 
This last Christmas I got a book about James Monroe. James Monroe. 
Conclusion: No clear change

 (L) 11 (M) 5 (R) 25
We've got basically the same weird smile in each photo, but if you pay attention to the outer photos you'll see I'm essentially wearing the EXACT same outfit. Shorts that aren't great and a white Polo shirt. Got the hair in a pony and the arms! The arms. 
Conclusion: No clear change 

  (L) 4 (R) 26
Fake glasses, head tilt, collared shirt.
Conclusion: Minor evolution, quit wearing Lacoste after this photo.

  (L) 12 (R) 26
Animal wrapped in a blanket and a way too big smile on my face. 
Conclusion: DEVOLVED. 
Why? The fact that either of these photos exist is reason enough.

 (L) 5 (R) 29
Hands in the pockets, button-down shirt, big smile.
You can't see my feet in the photo on the right, but naturally, I'm wearing loafers and I can guarantee you my left foot is doing the exact same thing it's doing on my first day of kindergarten. 
Conclusion: No clear change

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