Wednesday, February 3, 2010


  • This morning I was watching the Today Show and Matt Lauer was having himself a fancy little sit down interview with Michelle Obama. I find Michelle Obama to be quite interesting. She's educated and well-dressed-- what else do you need in a first lady? Anyway. I was surprised to learn that there are approval ratings for first ladies. Say what? That just seems odd to me. Why do people need to approve of the first lady? No one elected her into office. She's not trying to get a $100 billion budget pushed through Congress. So what if I approve of her or not-- shouldn't I be more concerned with the job her husband is doing. Or the beer he's drinking or the basketball game he's attending? I guess for the record, I should state that I do approve of Michelle Obama. But, I'm not sure what I'm approving of exactly.

  • Let's discuss the Grammy Awards: First up, Beyonce's dance. Did you see it? Oh, you didn't? Well, a friend of mine summed it up like this, "Only beyonce makes spread eagle look tastefully stylized on stage. In a mini." (SHOUT OUT BARNES!) I'd also like to address the Michael Jackson tribute. It was pretty bangin'. I'm pretty sure I peed on myself when I realized freakin' Celine Dion would be singing MJ. I mean, what is my life? Talk about cool. But, where was the dancing? How do you pay tribute to a man who invented a whole new style of dance without anyone dancing? That's like someone paying tribute to me and completely leaving out anything about my hair or my dedication to inform the masses on quality hair products. It just ain't right. Can we also highlight the fact that it was in 3-D? Yeah, a box popped up on my screen, "3-D Glasses On." Oh, I just happen to have those sitting right next to my hover craft and my time machine. Where do you even get 3-D glasses? I'm just going to say it: what the hell Grammy Awards, what. the. hell?

  • I just want to let all the internetS know that I've been working out. Yeah, at a gym. That I am a member of. I feel really good about each and every one of my workouts because most days there's a man riding a bike in khakis and a button-down shirt and a lady walking on the treadmill in jorts. I win just by putting gym clothes on.


Alexis Anderson said...

Lovin' it. But where's my Words with Friends shoutout? Pretty sure you've been playing that a lot! Worth a mention in the mash up? I think so.

Erin said...

can't quit laughing about the attire of your gym friends!

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