Monday, February 15, 2010

let's celebrate.

Drop what you're doing.
Stop what you're reading.


Let's celebrate.

Let's celebrate the most fabulous 44 men who have ever lived. Let's celebrate their flaws, their social policies, their fiscal catastrophes, their wonderful wives, their indecisiveness, their decisiveness, their brilliance, their hair, their winks, their speeches...

Let's remember the good times and the bad. Let's celebrate the fact that we can vote for them. Let's celebrate the fact that we don't have to vote for them. Let's celebrate that some of them thought it was important to give us the right to vote.

Let's celebrate them all.
Democrats, idiots, Republicans, smart is their day.

I love you, Presidents. Each and every one of you.

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Laurie J said...

Loving GW's pink sweater. So GQ

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