Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fleece weather.

Well, it seems like a shit storm is brewing again. Everywhere I turn I see tragedy, sadness, Tyra Banks, pain and heartache. To keep my sanity and my always positive outlook on life fresh, I have compiled a list of non-shitty things in life these days. 

1. Fleece and Wallabee Weather-- Nothing is better than throwing on a fleece and lacing up the ol' wallabees. 

2. I woke up today-- thankful for that. 

3. 30 Rock comes back on this week-- I pretend I am Tina Fey on a regular basis. 

4.  We have DVR-- Greatest invention of all-time. Ever. Maybe even better than the internet. MAYBE. 

5. I am not bald-- some people are. 

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