Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i'm still here.

Well, the world didn't end last night (and Jesus didn't come either). I know this to be true because of the following:

1. I am still here. I am not going to miss the Jesus Train to Heaven.
2. Starbucks was open (Some people would argue that Starbucks is so powerful they could operate even if the world ended and/or that Starbucks is so great it'll be in Heaven).
3. I saw other people driving.
4. The toilet flushed normally.

There you have it, the world didn't end. Barack Obama is the next President of the United States of America and the world didn't end (I didn't see an inordinate number of U-Hauls on the road, so I don't think Canada is about to get a huge influx of American residents either).

Again, let me repeat myself: the world did not end last night. I thought it was supposed to? I could have sworn I heard a number of people tell me specifically, the world will end before Obama is elected.

I've said all along (at least to myself and my dad) that if Obama gets elected I hope he proves me wrong. And what do you know, he already has! He was elected and the world didn't end. Touche, Mr. President, touche.

Don't think I'm jumping on any bandwagons here. I'm not trying to come to you and say, "No, I've always been a Phillies fan," because they are the reigning world champions. No, I'm very much proud of who I voted for for the most powerful position in the world. I'll stand by that decision and my decision in 2004 when I very much voted for John Kerry (clearly not a bandwagon).

I'm just saying, the world didn't end. Obama is our next president, we might as well go ahead and accept it. Especially since he's going to be spreading all of that wealth.

Now, there's a bandwagon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for voting. And thanks for expressing your support for the candidate that you did not vote for. I think when you voted, you listened more to Laurie than you did to yourself.

Let me ask you this. Having had his life affected by decisions made by every President from Grover Cleveland to Bill Clinton, who do you think Buddy would have voted for in the 2008 election?

You're not crazy because you thought the world end with election of Obama on 11/04/2008. All sane people know the World is going to end on 12/12/2012.

With all my love,


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