Sunday, October 5, 2008

soy una americana.

Oh, Toto, I'm not in Arkansas anymore, or Dallas, or God forbid, even Houston. I spent some time (six hours) in the Panama City, Panama airport yesterday. They (you know, "they") say all good writers take notes where ever they are and since I'm not claiming to be good, I tried to take some notes for the blog. I know my readers (shout out to my Mom) are dying to hear about the trip.

P.S. As I'm writing this, the window is open and we are soaking up some good Ecuadorian air and listening to the hundreds of stray dogs bark outside the window. 

Thoughts, in no particular order:
  • For the first time ever, I decided to try out the facilities on the airplane. What a bad decision. Even after "locking" the door, a lady opened it up on me. I was so asleep and confused that I could only muster up an, "Oooohhh, no!" I quickly closed it and then was certain she was staring at me throughout the remainder of our time in the air over Central America. 
  • Panama City, Panama-- Teddy Roosevelt and spring break come to mind. This is not Teddy's airport and I am nowhere near Destin. I am guessing there are 36 other passengers here with me today (that's a rough estimate, there could easily only be 12 or 13). I've seen two planes leave in the last 2 hours. Tourism must be down at the Canal. 
  • I just had my first experience with a native. She asked about 12 questions and I mustered up a "No se." She then said, "Oh, you don't understand?" I was thinking, what gave it away? My look of confusion or the fact that I have American written all over my forehead? 
  • This airport has nothing to offer me. No McDonald's, no coffee, no televisions. So much for imperialism. I really think TR had more in mind for this place when he got that whole Canal thing underway. 
  • The native has been staring at me for the better part of 3 hours. She looks like someone off of MTV's Made.  Maybe she likes my American attire, or is curious about Palin-- either way she and I have made eye contact a solid 12 times in 9 minutes. 
  • I got up to go to my actual departure gate and the native looked so scared and confused, like I was leaving her. She followed me within six minutes. She's really feeling a connection. Maybe she thinks I'm her Made coach?
  • I wish I could do marketing for the country of Panama. I have thought of so many phrases that include things like: Catch the Panamania or I'm a Panamaniac!

I am looking forward so much to the week ahead of me. I'm also excited about keeping count of all the stray dogs I see. My family would be in Heaven here. We are all about stray dogs (shout out to my Reg). Well, the adventure is about to begin. We are off to brunch and some touring...if I can pry the US Weeklies I brought Britt out of her hands...hey! When in Rome...or when in America...or whatevies. 

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