Thursday, December 20, 2007

year of the boar.

I know LC just did this, but she blogs too much and I can’t keep up. So I’m doing it too. And while LC has had quite a year, mine has been rather uneventful. There were, however, some highlights...

Janary: Started off with a bang – LC and I became friends! We took a really fun roadtrip to the ATX to seal the deal. Who knew what would become of us?

February: Shortly thereafter I started traveling for work. Got to see some real neat places like Milwaukee and Buffalo (in February, mind you).

March: Worked my life away…

April: It snowed on Easter. And I started staying with Coops, Mel, and Kristin in H-town. Loved, loved, loved living with them. They made life better. Got to stand besides one of my besties as she became a Mrs.

May: I went on a BANK reunion vaca with college friends. Destini forever!

June: I turned 23! Wooooo yeah! Got to spend a weekend at David Christie’s lakehouse wakeboarding with college friends… one of the best weekends of the year.

July: Spent the fourth with some really, really cool people who I have now gotten to know even better and love even more (go RAMS!). I also floated down a river, lost my shorts, and officially bonded with Anne Carter.

August: I stopped traveling for work and started laying out a lot. Tambone, mom and I went to Las Vegas for the first time to celebrate. Just gamble those sorrows away.

September: Roadtripped it to Tennessee to visit the Dockerys. On the way home, I learned all the lyrics ot "Fancy" with LC and got a tour of Russvegas. I went to Disney World with two people that I love. We even ran a 10K while we were there.

October: LC turned 24 and we had a mad birthday bash. Themed. We were gangstas.

November: Got to visit Fredericksburg, TX for the first time in my life. Slept in a hotel room with my sister and her husband… hmmm.

December: Ran 26.2 miles and realized that I might have the very best friends in the whole world. They were all there to cheer me on.

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