Saturday, December 29, 2007

santy claus.

Spoiler Alert! Santa Claus does not exist. How do people (8 years old or not) honestly believe in their heart of hearts that a man (just a man, one man) could fly around the whole world (the entire globe) in one night and deliver presents to every child under the age of 12?

I think Santa Claus has ruined Christmas. Santa Claus took away from the birth of the Savior. I think it's time for Jesus to take back the manger and his day of birth.

I'm going to tell my kids that Jesus rides around in a sleigh and delivers presents to all the children who proclaim his name. That's a least a smaller number and possibly more reasonable.

Then, I'm going to say, "Just kidding, Jesus loves you though. Merry Christmas."


Anonymous said...

my kids will not be allowed around your kids. they can't be friends until junior high.

Anonymous said...

that's the funniest thing ever

Anonymous said...

funny. i've always wondered how anyone (8 years old or not) could honestly believe in some big fancy sky god who dictates life down here. or how they could believe said sky god had a kid, dropped him off down here, and fed him to the dogs, only to have him come back as a zombie who supposedly is the only reason i'm not going to hell.

when you hear something like that, i guess santa becomes a little more believable

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