Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There are certain times in a person's life when they realize they have friends. Not the junior high kind, the real kind. Legitimate, long-time, real-life friends.

My senior year in high school my friends threw me the surprise party of the century. Legitimate, long-time, real-life friends.

In college, time and time again my friends proved their legitimacy by asking me to be in their weddings, by hanging out with me even though I wasn't in their sorority and by inviting me to Chicken Finger Friday. Legitimate, long-time, real-life friends.

After you graduate from high school you never think you'll find friends as good as the ones you grew up with. And after college you think you'll never be able to find anyone who matches up with your college besties. And then you do and you're surprised.

And then, those friends come to your house and have a cleaning intervention with you. Afterwards, your room is clean and you know... legitimate, long-time, real-life friends.

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