Tuesday, September 2, 2008

like concrete.

Some people are so set in their ways, which is admirable in some ways and completely detestable in other ways.

I mean, when does it come time to let go of old school beliefs and start seeing things for yourself and for your current situation? When do we strip our parents thought formations and form our own?

As much as I love discussing and learning about politics it becomes a slap in the face every time it's brought up in conversation because people cannot see past red or blue. Why must a person be red or blue? Why not a little red, a little blue, making a very pretty purple.

I say, let's be set in the ways of Jesus and quit walking so gingerly along party lines. Fight for issues and causes and beliefs, not red or blue.

I know a lot (and by that I mean, three, possibly six) of people who read this are going to think, "LC! You *&^%$ don't talk about me on your blog!" And to them I say, "Listen here, dawg, I'm not talking about you."

And then, a few more (and by that I mean, two, maybe, three) people will say, "Freakin' LC, you're such a Democrat." And to them I say, "I am not."

* Don't kill babies. Don't tax me until I'm poor. Don't take my tax dollars and pay for people to live without working. Let me choose my own healthcare. Everyone should be able to get healthcare. Everyone should have public education. Take care of those who need to be taken care of ie; veterans. Drill for oil in Alaska. Screw going green. The death penalty isn't all that bad. Marijuana should continue to be illegal. Women should be able to hold some power in this country.

* Those are most of my political beliefs. If you can decipher that and tell me if I'm red of blue, I'll go with it.

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Morgan said...

So, Jesus SHOULD play a part in our political convictions now? ... Good to know

(i know you won't allow this post to go on your website)

I would also like to say. I agree with this post wholeheartedly & I would also like to say, for the record, that I have no idea which party is red and which party is blue. That is all.

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