Monday, September 15, 2008

morgan. morghan. morghanne.

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan...where do I even begin in describing the most wonderful roommate I have ever had?

I could start with her hair-- she showers and it's done. Fixed. Perfectly. Many of you probably think I am envious, but I am not. I have the forearms of a Roman soldier because of my daily Chi workout. And isn't that what all young women want?

Or I could start with her ability to somehow not fall into the temptations of reality tv. How can someone continually walk away from Little People Big World and Kid Nation?

Or I could start with her gracious heart. She is the most giving person I know.

Or I could start with her sense of humor. She's just plain funny.

Or I could start with her encouragement and what it means to this blog. Trust me, it wouldn't exist if she didn't tell me she reads it.

Or I could start with her ability to simply live with me. Lots of gold stars on that one. She co-exists in the same living environment as me. We won't mention that we are rarely on the same schedule, but still...she does it.

No matter what I start with, I am thankful for her. And the fact that I can always find her scissors and tape, because mine are always missing.


Unknown said...

me likey your blog :)

Laura said...

i concur, elsie. morghanne is awesome.

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