Monday, March 24, 2008

road rage.

Lately, when driving I've found myself honking at other drivers a lot. Almost excessively. Not just the friendly little honk to remind another driver that green means go, but the long and hard honk that screams, are you freakin' kidding me?! In a lot of circumstances I've found myself about two seconds away from rolling down my window and screaming profanities and even further-- I usually want to throw in an added bonus of an obscene gesture with it. It was this past Friday afternoon when I realized I was becoming that person I always finding myself feeling sorry for: the person without Jesus in their heart.

Whenever I see a person blindly lash out at someone else, my thoughts immediately go to their soul and the eternity they are most assuredly going to spend in Hell for yelling at the Starbucks barista. And then I examine my heart and realize that I too deserve to spend an eternity somewhere that doesn't have streets lined in gold (or so I've heard) and that's just for my road rage, I haven't even covered my heart on the subjects of things that weigh me down much more than road rage ever could.

It's because of my excessive honking and hand gestures that say, are you serious? you're really going to cut me off, slow down to 12 and leave your blinker on... that I decided-- I should write a book. If I write a book telling others about how to live without pissing me off the road rage will surely subside and the condition of my heart will surely improve.

If that does not prove victorious then I will throw my arms up in frustration and once again admit that Jesus is the only way, but for now I really want to try the book thing.

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Tami Spencer said...

Who wrote this? Because it sounds like and LB problem...but an LC solution...I'm so confused.

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