Monday, March 10, 2008

good idea/bad idea?

I am constantly wondering why people think things are good ideas. I am amazed at the way people make decisions. I consider myself to be a pretty reasonable person. I don’t make snap decisions, I rarely put together an outfit without consulting someone, I never purchase anything over 100 bones without talking to someone about it and I never wear tube tops.

Who gets to decide what goes on the “good idea list?” Who put tube tops on the list? Who put Paula Abdul’s “comeback” on the list? I have to speak to someone about this list and how to get things removed or added.

I have compiled a list of things currently on the good idea list that must be removed immediately upon finding said person in charge of the list.

1. Tube tops
2. Juicy Couture socks and Nike running shorts
3. Children with names that end in “aden/aiden/ayden.”
4. Carb-free diets
5. Scrunchies
6. Perms
7. Purchasing anything from a person who does business out of their van
8. Giving your number to a boy at a bar
9. Danity Kane
10. Couples who only have pictures that they took themselves-- I KNOW there is someone out there who would gladly snap a picture of you and your loved one-- JUST ASK.
11. Beanie Babies
12. The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
13. Throwing away $35 million of your personal fortune by running for president (no names, Mr. Mitt Romney)
14. Mariah Carey releasing a song called, “Touch My Body” and the mentioning of YouTube in the lyrics

** The Good Idea List will be an ongoing project.

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