Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the bachelor. epi dos.

Holy crap, where did they find these girls?

Reality dating show or talent show? I know that when you like a boy and there are 14 other girls around you have to do something to stand out, but I do not think that singing is the way to go. Maybe you could make him laugh with a terribly bad karaoke performance or make him feel comfortable by asking him to harmonize with you on a number of Boyz II Men songs, but NEVER, EVER is it ok to "write" a song and perform for the Bachelor (or anyone!) while on a date.

"I want to find you/ I want you to find me/ I want to touch you/ I want you to touch me/ And I want to feel you/ I want you to feel me/ I want to find you, in front of me." Those are the lyrics to Michelle's ultra-catchy/creepy Broadway musical/Disney song. If Michelle didn't strike out with you after that performance how about her confessional after the rose ceremony: she said was eager to get home and see her cat, the love of her life at the moment, because, "It'll be great to have her purr again." Michelle, are you being serious? Do you realize that you honestly just ruined your life? I mean, your life is over. You can no longer show your face in public. Congratulations.

Ashlee somehow persuaded the Bachelor to kiss her. It was like a really bad high school dance. The young freshman, who is mildly attractive, corners the senior quarterback into a room and wiggles her lips around until he is so uncomfortable all he can do is kiss her! THEN, she got the rose and said, "it's mine, it's mine!" If I acted like that when I was 22 I would not be alive today at 24. I am confident of that. Someone would have shot me.

I have absolutely no comments on Marshashana or Shayne. Drama is about to blow up and I'm nervous that Shayne is going to admit herself into the Betty Ford Clinic when this is all over.

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