Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why You Should Marry Kendal Haug

1. Kendal is insightful. He always brings something interesting to any conversation.

2. Kendal is generous. He often buys people whole meals, not just drinks.

3. He is going to be a preacher. If you're in to clergy, he's your man.

4. He is friends, scratch that, besties with Ben freakin' Box. That probably seals the deal for most people.

5. He is good with computers. Real good.

6. He isn't ugly. I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

Nice...but "why 'you' should marry Kendal" would be a lot stronger of an argument if you had tried yourself or were ruled ineligible for some reason i.e. cousins of some sort...
i'm just saying...

Kendal said...

Oh wow, this post is better than I thought! I will say though that the only thing that makes me redeemable at all is the fact that Ben allows me to be friends with him. The Box, now that guy is a true catch, and a social butterfly.

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