Thursday, September 20, 2007


I found this email I wrote to about 20 of my closest friends on my last day of college. I was sure proud of myself. Enjoy.

Hello friends.

I just wanted to let each of you know that this is my last day of class ever. In fact, I may never step onto campus, as a student, again. I think it's fitting that it is raining right now as I am about to leave. I think it reflects how the campus is going to be without my presence-- gloomy and dark. Wouldn't you agree?

I've had a pretty good run during my four years here. I've successfully used up the money we pay in our tuition to have free printing in all campus computer labs. In the last week alone I've printed off upwards of 300 pages of paper. I have cheated campus parking out of hundreds of dollars in parking fees. I park in the deck almost daily and usually pay for 30 minutes a day. Yesterday, I was in the deck for 6 hours and I only paid for 17 minutes. I have gotten numerous people into football games without proper student identification and when I worked at the HPER I even let people in without their I.D. (gasp). I also won four intramural championships AND never once attended a single meeting for a campus student organization. That's huge in my book! How many people can go to college for four years and not be involved in one single activity, yet still have a few friends? I was also one of the original people on facebook at the U of A and I credit it getting big due to the fact that I invited a few key people to join and the rest is history. Yes, I think it is safe to say I have left my mark.

Friends, I hope you each have a wonderful Thursday and that you will remember me on this glorious, glorious day. If you are experiencing the same thing that I am today, congratulations. If you're not, but you have already experienced this, thanks for blazing a trail for me to follow. If you're not, but you hope to someday-- press on, brother, press on.

Good day,


I have three classes today, but it's only fitting that I skip my 2:00, which would be my last class EVER.

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