Monday, September 17, 2007

The Hills...Jason's Back

The Hills once again is making me want to gauge my eyes out with a dull knife. This week is mostly in part to Spencer and Heidi. What else is new?

Heidi is not a hard worker. How did she get that promotion? I am just like, "Wha?" I mean, come on. And Elodie is right, she doesn't know what is right and what is wrong. Was she calling her out saying that it's obviously her fault she doesn' have any friends any more? I think so.

Jason has changed and is a whole new person. It's unreal. He has a personality. He has facial expressions. I can say this and not be embarrassed-- I kind of think he might be a decent human. I mean, at least good at breathing. He can't date anyone I care about, but if I saw him at the mall I'd say hi. For sure.

No Lo time this week. I think it's only matter of time before MTV offers her her own show, but being the smart, well-rounded individual that she is, she will turn that down. And fast. Good one, Lo.

I really think they are on the verge of discovering Jesus. Join me in praying for them. The Real Worlders found Him. LC can too!

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Kendal said...

LC, what are you even blogging about? Can I get a real-life story or something? I mean, didn;t you visit Reggie recently?

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