Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Hills...Vegas

"Please act like you have a family that raised you in some
shame based religion." -- Tina Fey, 30 Rock

The kids from The Hills obviously missed out on that boat.

Elodie from the corner! Who knew she had it in her to completely pull one over on Heidi?! She's all about covering for Heidi, too bad she quit! Bam! But, in normal people land, that act was completely awful, unprofessional and extremely immature.

Spencer might actually be an eight-year-old. After Heidi got the Elodie phone call, Heidi very sincerely says, “I love you,” and Spencer quips back, “No, you don’t!” He definitely got that from the “I’m Awesome” book.

Lo might be a skank? Who knew Lo made bad decisions? I was a little taken back by her make-out with Frankie, but she had already won me over earlier in the episode when she said, “First one to make Justin Bobby smile wins.” She’s just a step above everyone else in Los Angeles. I’m going to send some Baptists to knock on her door because I think if she accepts Jesus the others will soon follow.

Brody is worthless. What does he even do? His dad isn’t even THAT famous. I mean, his dad isn’t like, Harrison Ford or George Clooney or Johnny Cash. His dad is an Olympic medallist. Which is hardly a reason for Brody to be famous. Yet another reason I resent my father for working hard and providing a normal, stable, loving environment for me to grow up in. It’s impossible to ride a normal father’s coat-tails. Actually, maybe that is why I don’t resent him at all.

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