Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today Britt went big time and drove down to the O.C. (Oak Cliff-- that's my hood) to have lunch with me. We split a dish. The waiter happened upon us right at the time I was giving my chunks of mozzarella to Britt.

Waiter: You don't like mozzarella on your mozzarella chicken?
Me: Well, I do. She just likes it more.
Waiter: So, you're giving her your cheese? Wow. Are y'all sisters?
Britt (quickly): NO.
Waiter: Friends?
Britt: Yes.
Waiter: Best friends?
Britt: Yes.
Me: Usually.

That being said...I don't really like the chunks of mozzarella. I'd rather just have it in regular cheese form.

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