Friday, August 3, 2007

Ben + Felicity Together Forever

Last night we finished Felicity. Which is why we're watching Ellen now.
As we were on episode 18 of season 4 it was hard not to think, "If Ben and Felicity don't end up together we've wasted our whole summer." So, I did some math. This summer we spent 3,784 minutes watching Felicity. That breaks down to about 63 hours. That's almost three whole days!

I would say it was 63 hours well spent. Ben and Felicity ended up together and it rained a lot this summer, so it's not like we could've been outside doing something productive with our lives.

On another note, Brittain has dismissed herself from the blog.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE FELICITY. My story is blog worthy: Woods and I were so addicted to Felicity and Ben's love that on the way home from college station to Dallas My jr year, wood's sophomore year, we 'stole' Tori's laptop. We plugged it up to have maximum capacity of it's battery, hopped in the car & went North on 45. We shared an head set, with one in each ear, while woods' drove and i held the computer...we continued our love story of ben and feliciity. nothing was going to separate our love for them. But a problem arose. Thirty minutes South of Dallas the battery dies. It's a critical point in the show, so we decide to pull into the freshly built Starbucks of Ennis. We plug it in, share a headphone, and complete the disc. The last thirty minutes home was competely depressing but we rested well, just like you three, knowing that Ben and Felicity were together. (i cant believe it was all a dream)

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