Sunday, July 22, 2007

Party Animals

I can't say I've ever hosted a really bad, unsuccessful party. That is probably because: 1. I haven't hosted a ton of parties. The less parties you host the better the odds. 2. Whenever I've hosted anything I used to always bake cookies. People love cookies.

Last night was much different. We had brie. Meaning, this party was a little more sophisticated than most I've ever really attended or hosted. I didn't really pick the menu. But, I was fairly happy with it. Extremely happy with the cheesecake bites.

I would say we had close to 40 people in between the walls of 2620. We even had a guy show up in a three-piece suit...without a shirt on. That made the whole party worthwhile.

I would like to thank Brittain for preparing most of the food, Tami for setting up the games and Ang(e) for arranging the living room. If anyone else was writing this blog they would thank me for the awesome beats I provided. Yes, DJ LC was in attendance.

Overall, I would give us an 8 on a scale of 10 for the party. Minus 1 point for the fact that it was around 167 degrees in here and 1 point off for our lack of parking spots.

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