Monday, June 25, 2007

Thoughts from Angela

Since it’s guest writer night, I feel like there are a few things you should
1. Ange has an E on the end. Ang is angle with two missing letters.

2. My shower curtain has not fallen in at least 3 ½ weeks.

3. I’m trying to work on the cussing.

4. It’s fun to come home to lots of people.

5. Simon and Elena are pregnant. Simon is still working on trying to be
excited about it part.Looking back on things, I wonder if the Baklava
gift was part of a weird pregnancy craving.

6. I have a fan now and no longer have to put the downstairs thermostat on
65 at night.

7. My room is not purple. It’s taupe.

8. Tami is really good at killing flies which is nice since we have a lot of

9. I feel dumber after every episode of The Girls Next Door that plays at

10. If Mary and Joseph showed up, we would all work something out with the
parking situation. Get real.

That’s really all I have to say. Oh and I’d like to apologize to the other
inhabitants of 2620 for my inability to properly put a trash bag in Tami’s
trash can. And thanks for doing the dishes tonight, Noelle.

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