Monday, June 25, 2007

The Spanish Steps

So LC has given us the opportunity to "guest post" today which I think was extremely generous...especially since today was dedicated to me and I feel like I should be the one to share it with the 2620 blog-world. I was recently subjected to a less-than-wonderful experience on the steps of the elementary school across the street from our house. It wasn't horrific but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth about those steps. My wonderful roomies found out about my negative karma towards the steps and decided to take action towards remedy-ing this unfortunate situation.

After eating a delicious meal (prepared by Ange, with an "e") we set out to get ice cream and make some good memories on the steps. We started the healing process with a little "confession-time" where Ange apologized for a previous lack of social ettiquette and I tried to explain to LC that her lack of a dinner invite last night was not intentional. Things were moving right along but the steps were still harboring some undesirable feelings. I called on LC to step-up her game (pun-intended) and create some memories that would forever put a smile in my heart when I caught sight of the steps. She came through in a giant way. As Noelle and I sung our hearts out to some of our favorite praise and worship songs, LC laid out some of her best dance moves for all of us on the steps as well as 3 of ricky ricardo's cousins who passed by during the evening. Some highlights included the "half-body roll", a wide-hand clap, and many more. Trust me, these names do not even begin to do justice to the glory of these moves. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and, just like that, the steps were forever transformed. LC, Noelle, and Ange, thanks for the memories.

If I am ever allowed to guest post again, I will delve into the issues I have with my role on the blog being so minor. I have spent more nights in the house than any other roommate thus far and I feel that deserves a principal spot in the blog...but that's another post for another day.

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