Sunday, June 10, 2007


These are the rules Britt gave me after she decided to let me sleep on her couch for two months. Some of them are understandable. But, let it be known: I don't go around farting.

1 – It's my room. Not "ours."

2 – You can't decorate or bring any of your décor.

3 – Clean the sink. Clorox wipes are underneath.

4 – No "Thriller" or other 80s posters in the house.

5 – You maybe can't sleep in my bed when I'm there.

6 – Keep the room clean. Make the bed. Tidy. Neat.

7 – No farting.

8 – You can bring pictures, but I might put them in different frames if I don't like yours.

9 – Give me a Polo.

10 – Kiss my ass.

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