Monday, June 11, 2007

Laura C. Cooper

PTL for Laura Cooper. Coops basically deserves credit for establishing me in Dallas. Without Coops I'd be homeless and minus about 47 friends (and counting). Without Coops I wouldn't have tasted salad dressing and I definitely wouldn't be as well-rounded as I am today.

Britt should thank Coops too, I mean she could've kept me a secret. But, no...she is self-less and wanted to share her friends. What an "I'm Third" act of kindness.

The first time I met Coops I thought she went to Ole Miss. Then, she started dancing and talking and it was clear she didn't. From then our friendship grew and grew and now I might ask her to be in my wedding as a candle lighter (j slash k).

Thanks, Coops. You're a rare jewel.

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