Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wardrobe of my youth: bracket buster.

To say I've always had a "passion for fashion" would be accurate if you weren't talking about me specifically.

To continue on in our series of "Bracket Busters," we come out again with The University of North Carolina winning it all, as evidenced by the series of photos below. If /when UNC wins, you can't call me a bandwagon fan.

UNC basketball warm-up at least three to four sizes too big.

UNC soccer shorts, too!

Fashion plate.
MJ is UNC.

So, UNC wins it all based on James K. Polk and the terrible fashion choices I made in my youth?


Laurie J said...

Well, kiddo, last time i checked, you ASKED for the UNC shooting shirt. We all make those poor choices. Remember silk shirts with shoulder pads?

Jill said...

picture #3 is so funny to me.

Laura said...

I think the cast picture is one of my favorites of the ones you've shared. There is a whole essence to it. Love it.

Morgan said...


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