Monday, October 18, 2010

sister wives.

It's no secret that I love terrible television. I'll watch almost any reality television program short of "Big Brother" and most weight-loss shows. I also don't love the reality cooking competitions, but on occasion I can get behind them.

I digress.

A couple of weeks ago I received a g-chat, from a dear friend and loyal g-chatter, Corrie (SHOUT OUT). In a minor spat over "Jersey Shore" with her husband, she was forced to turn off the Shore and find respite in some other form of entertainment. She chose "Sister Wives" and immediately told me it's a "must see." I take few people at their word, like I do Corrie, so I followed up. And I can say-- best decision ever. And worst.

My eyes being opened up to these people (and really, not even talking about their "lifestyle" all that much) causes my whole body to shudder. And ache. And cringe.

Basically, it's like this: "Sister Wives" is the story of Kody Brown and his fundamental Mormon** family, that belongs to the Apostolic United Brethren Church. You still with me? If you don't know much about fundamentalist Mormons you may breeze over that and not realize that they practice POLYGAMY. For those of you keeping score, polygamy is a form of marriage in which one person has more than one spouse at a time. BOOM. **I should state for the record that the mainstream Mormon church gave up this practice in 1890.

So, Mr. Brown has three wives when the series begins and the season is focused on the addition of the fourth wife, Robyn. Robyn is undoubtedly a younger, hotter wife. She also brings two children along with her to add to the Brown brood of 13. The other wives are weird versions of Michelle Duggar (of the morally right, hairfully wrong Duggar clan), Sarah Palin, Donna Reed, Carol Brady and a possessed alien.

These women are absolutely insane and two of the three said that growing up they always figured they'd marry into a plural marriage. One wife even went as far as saying that she only wanted to be a third wife. Like, that was her end goal. I'm sorry, but W. T. F.

I really don't want to get into all of the reasons that these people are living life, more or less, incorrectly and focus on how this complete and total d-bag landed, not one, but four wives. A prime example of his being a total idiot is on display during this video also provides a minor glimpse into drama between the wives...drama that all centers around one concept: everyone, at some point, feels neglected by Mr. Brown or jealous of another wife. Which, hello: THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT SHARE A HUSBAND. Like, get a clue. They spend the majority of episodes crying in form or another and it's really insane. You have to check this shit out for yourself.


Mrs. Frazier said...

OMG, I watched this for the first time after seeing them on Op. (I know, I love Ellen the mostest, but there are still some interesting topics on Op.) THEY are CRAZY... it is so crazy its consuming to watch. I can't get over it... I am looking forward to your recaps. muchas gracias. xo.

Corby and Lauren said...

Oh my word! What a train wreck!!! That dancing was too much for me to handle!!!

Haley said...

I caught a marathon of this show the other night and couldn't turn the train wreck off. My favorite was when the 1st wife (who told her husband to hit on Robin) asked the d-bag how he'd feel if she had another husband and he said it would burn him up. HELLO?!?

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