Friday, October 8, 2010


Two years ago I took a monumental step in my life and traveled out of the country for the first (and still only) time in my life. I ventured down south to Ecuador, a country that isn't usually for people who haven't traveled internationally before (according to one very-well traveled Canadian I met at a hostel, who said Paris and London are usually people's first adventures in foreign travel).

It was absolutely, without a doubt, the trip of a lifetime. A trip so full of memories that I created a coffee table photo book to prove just that. And. Two years later I'm still blogging about it.

The trip started off with a bang spending six hours alone in the Panama City, Panama airport, where people spoke almost no English. After finally arriving in Quito, my bestest, Britt (SHOUT OUT), informed me that I was not allowed to flush toilet paper down the toilet. Then, we made our way to an active volcano where some people got drunk and rode their bikes down it, but we just rode. And then, then, the hike from hell happened. I still can't talk about this day without cringing.

I think the once great band, Fall Out Boy, said it best when they said, "thnks fr th mmrs." So, Ecuado, thnks fr th mmrs.


Laura said...

i only wish i too could have been part of this experience.

or do i? hike from hell doesn't sound nor look like something i would have wanted to experience together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your guest blog from Ben Rector, who is one of my musical faves, I've been searching through the archives of your blog, and I feel like we would be friends, under the right circumstances (namely, similar time and place mechanisms, etc.). I think I'll continue to read your blog, so keep up the good work, you're an excellent writer!
And I posted on this one, because my aunt and cousin live in Cuenca, and Ecuador was MY first out of the country experience, if you don't count that half day in Mexico in 5th grade.
Have a blessed day!

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