Monday, October 18, 2010

not proud.

In an effort to be more transparent and real with you people of the internetS, it's time to get real today.

Every morning when I wake up I pray that I would be more like Jesus. I have recently expanded this prayer to include the words, "in all ways." I hadn't left them out previously on purpose, but I think it's important that in praying to be more like Jesus Christ, I do mean, really be like Jesus. In all ways.

As you can imagine this is a struggle for me, but in being true to his word, the Lord is working on me. Unfortunately, he seems to be taking a break on Saturday afternoons. Either that or the play of the Arkansas Razorbacks stifles the Holy Spirit in my body so much so that casual observers would believe that I'm a recently released felon or that I'm a mental patient. It's a toss-up really.

In weekends past I've threatened to set dogs on fire, burn down houses, become a baby mama to the Arkansas QB, break people's legs...and those are just the things I have said that don't have 19 different ways to use the words, "shit," "ass," or "bitches."

I'm not proud of this behavior. I'm actually embarrassed by it and I think I need help. Serious help. If I don't get it soon I really might become a felon or a mental patient.

Anyway. From now on, my morning prayer is going to be, "Lord, help me to be more like Jesus in all ways...especially during Razorback football games. Amen."

I'm not kidding.

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Dianne said...

oh Lauren doesn't fb bring out the worst in us all? Everytime I watch an Ark. game I think of you and your non crush on Casey Dick!!!! I still laugh so hard at that..his name was CD, wasn't it?
anyway all to say I love your blog..Aunt Dianne
this is little Risa's 28th!

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