Friday, May 28, 2010

throw ya hands up at me.

I've commented on the wisdom of Destiny's Child way more than once. To say Beyonce is a lyrical genius is selling her short, but she is.

Growing up, my father, the Reg, raised me much like he raised my brother. There were times when that was completely frustrating and I suffered more than one haircut fiasco because I was such a tomboy, but really-- things turned out for the better. The Reg raised me to be independent, to make my own decisions and to stand my ground when I was getting my oil changed and the mechanics wanted to do some "extras" for me.

I remember the first time he sent me to get my oil changed. I was probably 17. Before I left he gave me a very, very specific list of don'ts. The number one don't, you ask? Never, ever let them mess with your air filters.

Beyonce sings, "I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings..." It's probably always in the back of her head, just like, "Do not touch my air filters" is always in the back of mine. Anytime I'm feeling like an idiot female or discouraged, I just think..."Lauren, you can get your oil changed without getting duped. You are a strong, independent woman." And then, I'm fine.

I'm so very thankful for the Reg who threw me to the wolves early and often. It's made me more and more like Beyonce everyday.

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Ryguy said...

Can I have a sit down with the Reg when I have a daughter?

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