Tuesday, December 8, 2009

crimmas list.

Seeing as how "Christmas comes this time each year" and every year I am asked for a Christmas list, I'd like to share it with the internetS. You may remember all of the things I asked for last year. Well, I just went back over it and I didn't get one single thing on that list. Not. One. Single. Thing.

To Whom it May Concern,

The season of giving and gladness is upon us and this year, being no different than any other, I'm expecting big things. Big things in the form of materialistic shit that will be wrapped in paper and placed under the family tree. There have been years where you've really pulled out all the stops: remember the six-disc CD changer and dual tape deck? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. No holds barred, no questions asked, go big or go home.

In no particular order, please accept my wishes for Christmas 2009.

1. Any and all Taylor Swift songs to no longer be played on repeat on every single radio station ever.
2. The ability to fly.
3. A puppy that stays a puppy forever. I'll name it "Christmas" and they'll make a movie about it, called, "A Puppy Named Christmas."
4. A joint checking account with someone.

Thanks and love,

This was obviously a Christmas where my needs were not met.

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Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

....just laughed out loud!! I love the puppy named "Christmas"!

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