Tuesday, December 1, 2009

first works II.

Yes, there's more where that came from.


Nature is beauty,
nature is clear,
nature is an ever going cheer.
Nature never ceases,
always ready for battle.
Nature is beauty,
nature is clear.

Wait, I'm sorry-- what?! Nature is always ready for battle? Is that true? I feel like in most cases nature is fairly defenseless. I mean, erosion?

My Life

My life is so dull,
I need a new lull.
I talk a little,
walk a little,
sing some too,
sometimes I go to the zoo.
But, it'll change,
when I change too.

What will change? Seriously, I'd love to go talk to my 7th grade self.


Anonymous said...

ha. i love the "my life" poem.

Laura said...

word. i can relate.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, THE change?

Keith A Hoggard said...


I'll go to battle for nature. Wait... WITH nature. I got Natures back this Christmas.

These periodic checks into your brain still make me happy kid. Hope you are well.

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