Monday, June 29, 2009

heaven only knows.

This weekend, for the second time, I ventured to the 6th Floor Museum in downtown Dallas. If you're unfamiliar with the 6th floor and it's significance, it's believed to be the spot that Lee Harvey Oswald aimed his rifle at JFK and shot him. Side note: I side with the Warren Commission and believe that Oswald shot him.

Anyway, while taking a stroll through the museum a very small thing caught my attention in a big way: it was the card from JFK's funeral and this was across it, "Dear God, please take care of your servant John Fitzgerald Kennedy."

Now, for obvious reasons, this got me to thinking about Heaven. I think about Heaven all the time and what it'll be like. Mostly, I get extremely excited to sit and talk with Paul. I have more than enough questions for Paul to last us through eternity. Most notably: Did anyone continue to call you Saul and were people like, "Sorry, Saul, you can't choose your own nickname, I will not call you Paul?" And I really want to sit and talk with Peter and see if he is as dumb as I imagine.

But, after reading that funeral card I immediately realized something: There is a huge possibility (meaning, I know I'll be there) that I could be in Heaven with JFK! Not just JFK, but every other President of the United States that claims Christianity, which is all of them, I believe.

Are you kidding me? I will have the opportunity to sit with Franklin Pierce and discuss his amazing list of besties? I can ask James Buchanan if he was gay? I can ask James Madison if he had short man syndrome? The possibilities are endless on this...I'm hoping that when Jesus greets me at the gate he brings Martin Van Buren with him to usher me into His eternal kingdom.

And I also hope there's pizza.


Erin said...

I love it!

laura said...

I also hope there is pizza. An endless buffet of pizza...but better than CiCi's.

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